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When I Was a Creek

When I was
a tree,

I sang and danced
with the wind
and offered
food and refuge
to all who came.

When I was
a cloud,

I floated freely,
shade and rain
wherever it
was needed.

When I was
a creek,

I flowed effortlessly
around stones
and nourished life
I went.

When I was
a seed,

I held
the story
of what
I would become
inside me
until the sun
and rain
let me know
it was time
to share it.

When I was
a flower,

I opened up
to reveal
my beauty
and invited the bees
to share
my sweetness.


Now I am

and can do so
many things,

yet I am
full of questions
about who I am
and why I’m here.


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