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What Do Trees Think About in the Morning?

What do trees
think about
in the morning,

as the sun’s golden light
touches each of their branches,
gently awakening them
to a new day?

Do they give thanks
just to be alive?

Do they lift their branches
in heartfelt gratitude
for the generous gifts
of this green earth,

for neighbors and friends
both near and far,
for the parents
who gave them life,
and the ancestors
who came before them?

Are they proud
to be part
of a vast and ancient guild
of skilled artisans,

the essential alchemy
of transmuting
sunlight, water, and air

into leaves and branches,
fruits and seeds,
and air for countless creatures
to breathe?

Is it thrilling
to work this everyday magic,
to create so much
from such simple materials?

How does it feel
to do this noble, essential work,
to give so much
to so many

and ask so little in return,
day after day,
year after year?

Do they ever
get tired of giving?

Do they ever
want to be
appreciated more?

What do trees think about
in the morning?


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