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Shining Your Light

So there you are,
a bright fireball
shining your light
in the midst
of a vast sea
of darkness.

There is nothing
like you
for many
miles around,
for as far
as most eyes
could see.

you shine
your light
as only you
can do.

You shine
as if your life
depended on it,
because in fact
it does.

You give it
you’ve got—

fully aware
that you are
giving it all away,

that this giving
will end your life
as you know it.

You shine
as brightly
as you can,
that is what
you are here
to do—

to light up
your corner
of the universe,
to give your gift—

whether or not
anyone can
see it,

let alone
your work.

You say
it doesn’t matter
if anyone notices,

that the pure
act of creation
is enough.

one day
on a distant planet,

will gaze up
into the night sky
and notice
your unique spark
of light.

And your light
will enter
and move through them,
stirring something
deep within
that they feel
yet cannot name—

leaving them
but forever
in a way that
neither they nor you
may ever realize.

And perhaps
this will happen
again and again,
in many places
over many years—

all because
you were willing
to shine your light…

if no one
could see it.

From Poems of Earth and Spirit: 70 Poems and 40 Practices to Deepen Your Connection with Nature by Kai Siedenburg


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