Poetry by Kai Siedenburg

All poems (except the first three) are included in the book Poems of Earth and Spirit


It happens
so spontaneously
and effortlessly.

No decision
or deliberate action
is needed.

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Becoming Spring

The nights
are still long
and dark,

but each day
there’s a little
more light.

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Calling in Well

Please forgive me.

Thank you
for understanding.

Due to
far beyond
my control,
I will not
be coming
to work today.

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Our Big Chance

This is it!

the plants
to be saying,

Our big chance!

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An Earthly Personal Ad

Beautiful planet seeks compatible humans
for long-term committed relationship


4.5 billion years old (but look younger)
Strikingly beautiful and very well endowed
Highly evolved, intelligent, and accomplished

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What Do Trees Think About in the Morning?

What do trees
think about
in the morning,

as the sun’s golden light
touches each of their branches,
gently awakening them
to a new day?

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This time
last year
I saw

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The Gift of Rain

For the first time
in a long time
it rained today,

each tiny droplet
a gift

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Only This

Bare feet on the Earth

Breathing in and out

Sound of wind in the trees

Only this…

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No Matter How Hard They Try

No matter
how hard they try,
they can not
keep us apart.

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A Special Day

is a very special day.

Today we celebrate
sun and rain,
light and dark,
the cycles of life,

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When I Was A Creek

When I was
a tree,

I sang and danced
with the wind
and offered
food and refuge
to all who came.

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In the Arms of My Beloved

Resting in the arms
of my beloved,
I breathe deep
and easy,

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What if…?

What if the leaves,
stirred to singing
by the breeze,
sing with even more joy
when they notice
you are listening?

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A Good Feet Day

my feet touched

the edge of the Pacific Ocean,

a sandy beach,

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Shining Your Light

So there you are,
a bright fireball
shining your light
in the midst
of a vast sea
of darkness.

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All poems (except Rooting) are included in the book Poems of Earth and Spirit:  70 Poems and 40 Practices to Deepen Your Connection with Nature