Poetry by Kai SiedenburgOriginal Nature Poetry

Published in our new book,
Space Between the Stones:
Poetry and Practices for Connecting with Nature, Spirit, and Creativity

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It happens
so spontaneously
and effortlessly.

No decision
or deliberate action
is needed.

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How the Sky Holds the Sea

Have you noticed
how the sky holds the sea?

Lightly caressing
every inch of her,

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Gradual Unfolding

Thank you,
Japanese maple leaves,
for opening so gradually…

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Calling in Well

Please forgive me.

Thank you
for understanding.

Due to
far beyond
my control,
I will not
be coming
to work today.

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The Songs of Seeds

What if seeds sang
when they sprouted?

Imagine the meadows ringing
with the joyous sound

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On the Road at Night

Driving alone
on a quiet
country road
on a moonless night,

not a single car
or house nearby;

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An Unexpected Gift

Setting out
for a solo hike
on a rainy day,

I slip my keys
into a pocket
of my pack

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Loving the Rain

I’m loving the rain
and the cold and the wet—

I’m loving it more
than I ever have yet.

I love staying inside
and watching it fall,

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It’s just
the juncos and me
out here today

Every other animal
seems to be
sensibly sequestered

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Becoming Spring

The nights
are still long
and dark,

but each day
there’s a little
more light.

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Spring Rapture


I can hardly bear
to be indoors!

Every fiber
of my being
yearns to be out…

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Winged Mystery

Today, a lovely
yet unfamiliar voice
creates ripples

in the stillness
of the morning.

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In My Skin

In my skin,
I feel…

the light caress
of the breeze,

the warm glow
of the sun,

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Not Knowing

I am willing
to not know—

to linger
in that shadowy,
in-between place,

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Published in
Poems of Earth and Spirit

What if…?

What if the leaves,
stirred to singing
by the breeze,
sing with even more joy
when they notice
you are listening?

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When I Was a Creek

When I was
a tree,

I sang and danced
with the wind
and offered
food and refuge
to all who came.

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Only This

Bare feet on the Earth

Breathing in and out

Sound of wind in the trees

Only this…

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Good Morning

The birds
like I

to behold
the everyday

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An Earthly Personal Ad

Beautiful planet seeks compatible humans
for long-term committed relationship


4.5 billion years old (but look younger)
Strikingly beautiful and very well endowed
Highly evolved, intelligent, and accomplished

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No Matter How Hard They Try

No matter
how hard they try,
they can not
keep us apart.

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This time
last year
I saw

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In the Arms of My Beloved

Resting in the arms
of my beloved,
I breathe deep
and easy,

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A Special Day

is a very special day.

Today we celebrate
sun and rain,
light and dark,
the cycles of life,

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