Nature and You: A Friendly Guide to Connecting with Nature, Yourself, and Other Things That Matter

Nature and You is a gathering of invitations into a deep and nourishing connection with the natural world. Through engaging essays and potent practices, it welcomes you into direct and intimate encounters with nature that will bring greater peace, joy, and balance into your life.

You’ll discover simple ways to connect with nature wherever you are, to experience nature’s beauty and wonder more profoundly, and to access healing for mind, body, and spirit. Nature and You is like a friendly guide who walks beside you, inviting you into new possibilities and supporting you along the way. In cities and wild places alike, you’ll find that small shifts in awareness and actions open the door to richer experiences and more intimate communion.

You will see the natural world with new eyes—not merely as a resource mine, an outdoor gym, or a scenic backdrop for human experiences, but as a beloved friend, an inspiring muse, a wise teacher, and a powerful healer.

You also will experience yourself in new ways—as someone who is never truly alone but always part of the web of life, with close friends and extended family in the natural world; and as someone who is innately intelligent and creative, with vast inner resources that are activated by communion with nature. You’ll discover mindful nature connection as a direct and scenic path to a happier, healthier life—one that will help you come home to yourself and your own true nature.

Authored by Kai Siedenburg, this pioneering guide offers a new model for integrating nature connection and mindfulness as a path to healing and wholeness. This approach, called NatureWise, puts nature connection back where it belongs—in our hands, our hearts, and our daily lives, not just occasional visits to wild places. And it reveals how cultivating a direct, personal relationship with the natural world is a surprisingly important key to creating a more sustainable future for all of us.

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