Writings by Kai Siedenburg – In the WorksIn the Works…

These writings represent a few leaves from a large and vibrant tree, one that is deeply rooted in the Earth and growing vigorously.

I love to write and teach about our relationship with the natural world, and it shows! I have an extensive and eclectic body of material, and I’m still creating more. I have literally hundreds of ways to invite people into a more direct and nourishing connection with the natural world.

My work encompasses a variety of topics and formats and a remarkable array of styles and voices—at times practical and accessible, humorous and playful, poetic and sacred.

Topics include:

  • Simple ways to connect with the natural world in daily life
  • Direct reflections of nature’s beauty, wonder, and wisdom
  • A wide range of nature connection approaches: quick and easy, slow and sacred, loving and intimate, and more
  • Deep nature connection as a direct and scenic path to mindfulness, healing, the sacred, and our true selves
  • How we are trained to disconnect from nature and how we can learn to reconnect
  • Ways to invite and affirm the sacred in everyday life

Formats include:

Getting the Words Out

I’m bursting at the seams with material, and eager to share it more widely! I welcome offers of support with publishing and marketing, so that I can focus on creating high-quality original content.