About My Writing

Welcome to my writing world!

My writing celebrates the breathtaking beauty and timeless wisdom of our natural world, and invites you into a more intimate and nourishing relationship with that world.

Some pieces transport you directly into a magical moment in nature. Others show how you can tap into nature’s magic wherever you are. And others describe how mindful nature connection offers a direct and scenic path to deeper peace, joy, and healing. Some are very practical, others more poetic.

These writings shine a light (sometimes direct, sometimes more diffuse) on the essential and often-overlooked links between our personal relationship with nature, our own health and happiness, and a more peaceful and sustainable world. I hope they will inspire you to connect more intimately with nature wherever you are and discover the abundant gifts that are waiting for you.

My work is co-created with the natural world, guided by the kind and generous wisdom of trees and mountains, water and stone. My best writing comes through me more than from me, often when I’m not trying. It comes when I step away from the demands and distractions of the modern world, quiet my mind, and allow space for something larger and wiser to guide me. It comes when I’m on silent retreat or wandering “alone” through the natural world, listening deeply and writing down what I hear.

My experience is that our universe (especially the more wild and alive corners of it) is brimming with creative energy and ideas and seeking human hosts to receive them. I am deeply grateful to be a host for some of these gifts from Earth and Spirit, and to share them with you.

The writings posted here are a small tip of a huge creative iceberg—one that is still growing, rather than melting. I welcome your comments.