Nature Connection Sharing Circles

Would you like to connect with a community of fellow nature lovers?

Do you long to share about deep and sacred nature experiences with people who really get it?

Join a Nature Connection Sharing Circle!

• Arrive in a peaceful and nourishing place through grounding practices and guided meditations
• Speak and listen from the heart about experiences of deep connection with nature and more-than-human beings
• Receive inspiration and ideas to enrich your own practice
• Rest into the support of an Earth-loving community
• Honor your healing connection with the Earth and kinship with all life

Each monthly Zoom call includes experiential practices, nature poetry, and opportunities to share with partners and the full group. We’ll share nature connection stories, tips, and insights, and you’ll receive practices to explore on your own. You’ll also have options for connecting with a buddy or other participants between calls.

“Kai is a warm and knowledgeable teacher who creates a welcoming space for everyone and a wonderful sense of community.”
—Shawna, Mental Health Clinician

“It was inspiring to connect and share with other people who care so deeply about the natural world.”
—Yelena, nature lover

Circles meet monthly via Zoom for 90 minutes.

New groups forming to start in late fall.

Contact Kai Siedenburg to vote on possible times.


TBA with input from participants





$10-20 donation per call requested


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