Turning Toward Nature

A four-week program featuring relaxing, restorative group calls and nourishing nature-based activities

Turning Toward Nature will help you cultivate a deeper connection with nature that will allow you to:

  • Calm your mind and open your heart.
  • Feel less alone and more supported in facing life’s challenges.
  • Access the healing power of nature wherever you go.
  • Experience greater ease, balance, and joy.

You will receive simple yet potent practices you can use to connect with the Earth in daily life and to enjoy more profound and lasting benefits from time in nature—tools you can use on your own or share with friends, family, or clients.

What people are saying about Turning Toward Nature:

“This program was truly amazing! I was surprised by how much it deepened both my connection with nature and my connection with myself. Everything we did helped me feel more rooted and experience more belonging and unity.
—Yelena, nature lover

“I thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefited from this program. I have experienced more peace and reduced stress since taking this class, and I feel more connected to the natural world than ever before.  I would recommend [it] to anyone looking to build a relationship with nature and share that experience with others. I may very well take it again!”
—Shawna, Mental Health Clinician

“This program vastly exceeded my expectations. Initially, I was quite skeptical about the idea of connecting with nature on a Zoom call, but Kai really delivered. I was amazed by all the ways she brought the natural world into our group calls, and by how relaxing and restorative they were… The weekly calls and the nature practices provided an oasis of calm and sanity that helped me through a very challenging time.”
—Erin, university program coordinator

Program includes:

  • Four 90-minute group Zoom calls that provide a safe space for nourishing connections with yourself and others. Each includes experiential activities, guided meditations, poetry, and small-group breakouts.  (Listen live or to a recording anytime.)
  • Easy and enjoyable nature-based activities, with options for both cities and wild places plus journaling and reflection suggestions. (You get to choose your adventure and how much time, from a few minutes to a few hours per week.)
  • A 20-minute private consult to support your own practice or nature-based work with clients.
  • A private Facebook group for sharing with fellow nature lovers between calls and after the series, plus a buddy for the program (if you want one.)

Guided by
deep nature connection guide, Ecotherapist, and author Kai Siedenburg.

Co-sponsored by Our Nature Connection and The Earthbody Institute.

Weekly themes for group calls and nature-based activities:

1. Saying “Yes” to Nature
2. Senses and Presence
3. Movement and Stillness
4. Love and Gratitude

This program is for you if…

  • You are called to deepen your connection with nature, and could use inspiration and support to do that.
  • You want to connect with nature more, but feel challenged by time constraints, living in a city, or the pandemic.
  • You would enjoy learning and sharing as part of an open-hearted and Earth-honoring community.
  • You want to integrate nature-based practices into your work with clients, indoors or out.
  • You aspire to develop a more consistent nature connection practice to bring more peace, joy, and healing into your life.
  • You are facing big challenges or giving a lot to others, and could use some nature-based nourishing and simple ways to replenish yourself.

Limited to 10 people to help ensure a quality experience

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Questions?  Answers?  Contact Kai Siedenburg 

Free 15-minute phone consultations available to help you clarify if this program is for you.

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Calls held Tuesdays, July 20-August 10


5:00-6:30 pm Pacific time



$95 for four weeks if paid by July 6, $115 if paid later
Two $65 low-income/BIPOC scholarship slots available—
contact Kai to request (see link above).


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