The Nature of Writing (six-week series)

This online class explores the fertile intersection of nature and writing—how the natural world inspires our writing, and how writing offers a powerful bridge to a deep and nourishing connection with nature.

What to expect:

  • Blend nature-based practices (including guided meditations and connecting with found items from nature) with periods of writing
  • Discover easy, enjoyable ways to write and to cultivate deeper bonds with nature.
  • Be guided into a new terrain in your relationship with writing and the natural world
  • Learn skills to draw on nature for healing and support wherever you are
  • Receive optional nature awareness and writing practices to enjoy between classes


Writing is approached as a resource for exploration and illumination rather than a technique to be perfected; sharing writing is encouraged but not required.

Led by author and nature connection guide Kai Siedenburg

Program includes six live group calls. optional homework, an optional buddy, and the opportunity to participate in monthly drop-in writing groups for those who have completed this series.

Limited to eight participants to help ensure a quality experience.  No previous training or experience is required—simply interest in writing and openness to a deeper connection with nature.

The next series will begin in early July. Calls may be held Wednesdays from 5:00-6:30 pm PT or at an earlier time on another day (to be confirmed in early June with input from those who are interested). Contact Kai Siedenburg to have a chance to vote on the call time.

What people are saying:

I started this program feeling like an imposter, but quickly discovered that I actually belonged and had something to offer through writing about nature. This class opened me up to new ways of writing and gave me more freedom to explore and express myself. It also deepened my nature practice and sense of connectedness and belonging in the natural world.
—Karen, Systems Architect and photographer

I loved this course so much! Kai created an environment that was fun, safe and fruitful. I learned that we are all writers and we all have a story to tell. I also learned a great deal about myself and was able to explore some emotionally-charged questions that I had been afraid to ask. I wrote more during this six-week course than I had written in the past six months! Connecting with nature, the writing, the poetry, the grounding… everything about it was thoughtful and purposeful. I didn’t want it to end!
—Annie, Retired CFO and passionate volunteer

“The Nature of Writing” is so much more than writing. It is learning a way to be in the natural world. Kai’s calm approach, using meditation and poetry, leads you into a love and appreciation of all living beings. I started keeping a nature journal, both drawings and words, that has become a daily practice and deepens my relationship with nature.
—Marianne, poet and visual artist


Themes for weekly calls

Week 1: Saying “Yes” to Nature

Week 2: Senses and Presence

Week 3: Motion and Stillness

Week 4: Love and Gratitude

Week 5: Kinship and Communication

Week 6: Nature, Writing, and Healing

Through nature-based practices and writing, we will explore questions like:

  • What does saying “yes” to nature mean to us?
  • What’s love got to do with it?  And why is giving thanks for nature’s gifts such a powerful act?
  • What might it be like to see each aspect of nature as a potential friend and ally?
  • What allows us to receive deeper healing from nature… and how can writing be a part of that?


View call topics and activities by week.

We are grateful to the social learning community Leap for sponsoring the first two sessions of this class.


Starts in early July. Calls may be held Wednesdays from 5:00-6:30 pm PT or at an earlier time on another day (to be confirmed in early June with input from those who are interested)





$135 if paid two weeks in advance
$150 if paid later
Two $90 low-income scholarships available