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Simple tips to help you connect with nature wherever you are and cultivate deeper bonds with wild places, and personal stories to inspire you along the way. All co-created with the natural world by Kai Siedenburg.

7 Keys to Being More Mindful in Nature

It’s spring, and many of us are getting out into nature more. We know these outings are not only fun and relaxing, but also some of the best medicine for frazzled minds, weary bodies, and depleted spirits. What most of us don’t know…


An Unexpected Love Story & Three Love Poems from the Earth

After years of looking, it finally happened—I found true love, and it was deeper, sweeter, and simpler than anything I had known before. I wasn’t on, in a bar, or at a party. I found it when I wasn’t even looking, and in an unexpected way—by going out “alone” into nature…


8 Ways to Connect with Nature in Daily Life

Many of us love being in nature, and we know it’s profoundly good for our minds, bodies, and spirits. Yet most of us also lead very full lives in cities and almost entirely indoors, which makes it hard to get out to wild places as often as we’d like. So how can we get the direct contact with nature that is so essential for our well-being?…


Trees and People — Standing Together

There’s something special about trees, and we know it. Even on a planet graced with an astounding array of intelligent and creative life, trees are standouts. If there were people who could do what trees do, they would be honored as ecological heroes, gifted healers, and selfless public servants…


5 Ways to Thank the Earth

Picture this: you’re at the Thanksgiving dinner table. One by one, your friends and family say what they’re grateful for—children, partners, good health… as well as the exquisite beauty of flowers, a special tree they love, and the deep peace they feel after a walk in the woods…


7 Ways to Connect with Nature Indoors

Are you getting out into nature as much as you’d like? If yes—my hat is off to you, and I want to know your secret! If no—you’re certainly not alone. These days, most of us spend our days indoors, in cities, and in front of screens…