Women in Nature

Are you a woman who is ready to feel happy, calm, and connected?

Come explore a deeper, sweeter, more intimate approach to nature connection.

• Step out of the pressures of daily life and into a circle of women, surrounded by the peace of nature.
• Awaken your intuitive wisdom and nourish your spirit.
• Discover the beauty around you and within you in new ways.
• Know in your bones that you are never alone or without love.

These gentle, nature-based sessions offer a safe space to connect deeply with your authentic self, other wonderful women, and the natural world. You will be guided through a series of practices that will help you re-inhabit your innate and intimate connection with the web of life, and discover what becomes possible when you open to receive more of the abundant goodness available there.

You’ll leave relaxed and renewed, with simple yet powerful practices you can use to tap into the support of the natural world wherever you are.


Held in Santa Cruz, CA. See sidebar for upcoming dates.
Space is limited and reservations are recommended.

The deep intimacy that you seek is also seeking you… but maybe not where you think.

Women in Nature — a WiN-WiN for you and the Earth!




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