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Individual Sessions

For thousands of years, people have gone to the natural world for guidance, solace, and inspiration, and for good reason. Humans evolved in nature, and we all have an innate ability to receive profound support and healing from the natural world. Despite all the ways our modern culture separates us from nature and trains us to forget this deep bond, it’s still there inside us, and it can be quickly renewed by connecting more intimately and mindfully with nature.

When we take time to tend this essential relationship, we strengthen our access to a potent source of guidance and healing, and develop our capacity to collaborate with nature for our own benefit and for the benefit of all beings.

Our Nature Connection offers personalized support through two types of individual sessions:

Nature-Based Sessions to access guidance or healing from the natural world.

Why struggle on your own when you can tap into the support of the Earth?

• Step out of old patterns and into a peaceful place where your natural wisdom is supported by the wisdom of nature.

• Reconnect with your own innate goodness, creativity, and intelligence.

• Learn how to face life’s challenges with greater clarity and ease.

In these nature-based sessions, you will be gently and skillfully guided through receiving compassionate support and wise guidance from nature. You will hone your innate ability to access the natural intelligence within you and around you, discover new friends and allies in the more-than-human world, and know in your bones that you are never alone. You’ll leave feeling lighter and more peaceful, with new energy and insights, and with practices you can use to access the support of the natural world wherever you find yourself.

Contact Kai to find out more or schedule a session.

Nature Connection Coaching to help you cultivate a deeper, richer relationship with the natural world that will support and sustain you wherever you are.

• Explore new and wonderful ways to connect with nature, both in everyday life and in wild places.

• Learn how to open to a more intimate connection with nature and receive more profound benefits from your time in natural settings.

• Receive skilled, personalized support on your unique path in nature and in life.

In these coaching sessions, you’ll be guided in clarifying how nature connection can support your intentions and aspirations, identifying practices that can best support you on your journey, and finding simple ways to integrate them into your life. You will be heard, supported, and encouraged, and given optional and enjoyable ‘homework,’ including practices you can use in daily life and/or in natural settings.

Our individual sessions are vailable in person or via phone or Skype. Discounts for multiple sessions.

Contact Kai to find out more or schedule a session.

Sessions are led by Kai Siedenburg and offer a unique blend of deep listening, compassionate support, and intuitive guidance co-created with the natural world. Kai has a gift for guiding people to a deeper, more nourishing connection with themselves, each other, and the Earth. Her work is inspired by indigenous wisdom and informed by her own healing journey and by training and long-term practice in mindfulness and meditation, Reevaluation Counseling, and energy medicine.