Individual Sessions

Do you feel overwhelmed, isolated, or discouraged?

Could you use skilled support to cope with difficult feelings, find renewed hope, or take your next steps?

I’m Kai Siedenburg. I’m a nature connection guide and Ecotherapist with a gift for guiding people to deep and nourishing connections with themselves, each other, and the Earth, and I would love to support you!

Through an individual session, I can help you:

• Feel less alone and more resourced and resilient.

• Experience less stress and anxiety and more ease, hope, and joy.

• Activate intuitive wisdom and unleash natural creativity.

• Make friends and communicate with trees and other more-than-human beings.

• Access healing and guidance from the natural world—even indoors and in the midst of a city.

• Cultivate a direct and nourishing connection with nature that can support and sustain you wherever you go.

These sessions offer a unique and fertile blend of deep listening, compassionate support, and intuitive guidance rooted in the wisdom and healing power of nature. My work is co-created with the natural world, and informed by my own healing journey and by training and long-term practice in holistic healing, mindfulness, life coaching, and Reevaluation Counseling.

I offer three types of individual sessions—all via phone, Zoom, or in person outdoors, at affordable rates (see below).

Each session is tailored to the individual, and elements of the three types may be combined in one session. All sessions, indoors or out, will help you access support from nature and enhance your capacity to continue doing that on your own.

Natural Support and Healing to provide a safe place for you to feel and express whatever you need to and connect with inner and outer resources. You will be held in a space that is free of judgement and rich in compassion, where you can move through difficult feelings to experience greater ease and inner peace. You’ll leave feeling calmer, clearer, and lighter, with more trust in yourself and simple tools to help you continue accessing healing and support from nature.

Nature Connection Mentoring to help you cultivate a deep, healing, and reciprocal relationship with the natural world that will support and sustain you wherever you go. You’ll discover simple ways to connect with the Earth wherever you are and to enjoy more lasting benefits from your time in natural settings. You will experience the peace and wonder of nature more profoundly, learn to access healing and guidance from nature, find friends and allies in the more-than-human world, and cultivate loving and respectful relationships with them.

Nature Connection Buddy to motivate and celebrate your nature experiences and help you develop a more consistent and rewarding practice. A gentle, supportive, all-reward-and-no-punishment structure that can be combined with mentoring to help you explore in new ways. You can take me with you on the trail via your phone, or share about your experiences afterward.

Flexible scheduling and session lengths (from 30-90 minutes)

Affordable, sliding-scale rates: $50-90 per hour for phone, Zoom, or Skype, $70-100 per hour in person.
(If cost is a barrier, we can work something out.)

Contact Kai to find out more or to schedule a free 15-minute consult or your first session.