Our programs bring you closer to nature, and bring nature closer to you.

Wherever you are, Our Nature Connection can help you cultivate a deep and nourishing relationship with the natural world. Our unique approach integrates nature connection, mindfulness, and healing to make deeper connections effortless and enjoyable. It is rooted in a fertile mix of practical experience and intuitive guidance, enriched by research findings, and infused with love for people and the Earth.

Our programs can help you:

• Find ways to connect with nature wherever you are
• Experience deeper peace, joy, and wonder in nature
• Access healing for mind, body, and spirit
• Cultivate respectful, reciprocal relationships with more-than-human beings

We offer programs in multiple formats to meet your needs:

• Online and nature-based group programs to learn and share as part of a supportive group
Individual sessions to give you personalized guidance and support
• Custom programs and consulting to bring the healing power of nature into your business or organization

Whether you live in the middle of a bustling city or at the edge of a vast wilderness, and whether you have a minute or an hour or a lifetime, we can guide you to practices that will work well for you.

You may be surprised to discover how much just a few minutes of mindful nature connection can enrich your life, and how quickly and easily you can cultivate a deeper connection.

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“I thought it was fantastic.  I had such a healing experience.  I really want that for more people.  It was beautifully facilitated.”

“It was very healing and gave me space to connect to resources that are always there for me but that I often overlook.”

“Spending time in nature with Kai was a beautiful, grounding escape from my fast-paced life as a single working mom. I entered the woods feeling ragged and tired and left feeling energized, connected, and whole.” 

“You lead with a flow that feels incredibly comfortable and natural, and you create space that feels so safe.  I don’t feel this easily—thank you!!”