Ecotherapy Certificate Immersion Program

• Let the tall redwoods and flowing creeks of the Santa Cruz Mountains nourish, inspire and teach you.  
• Enliven and deepen your personal connection with nature.
• Learn Earth-based and ecotherapy practices to enrich your professional work.
• Nourish body and spirit with nature immersion, delicious organic meals, and the support of an Earth-honoring community.

Held at the Ben Lomond Quaker Center

Sponsored by The Earthbody Institute

Join Ecotherapists Ariana Candell and Kai Siedenburg for a transformational experiential training filled with deep nature connection practices including: Authentic Movement in nature, Earth dream exploration, Soulcraft and poetry practices, Mirroring from the Four Shields, Council Practice, a labyrinth walk, circle singing and sacred ceremony to create altars, ritual, and mandalas.

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Contact The Earthbody Institute to be added to the list of people interested in participating.


May 22-27, 2022



Ben Lomond Quaker Center, Santa Cruz Mountains



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