About Our Nature Connection

Consulting Services

Our Nature Connection can help your organization tap into the power of nature to reduce stress, promote wellness, inspire creativity, enhance performance, and more.

In our fast-paced, stressed-out modern world, connecting with nature is one of the best things we can do for our health and happiness. A vast and growing body of research documents an impressive range of health benefits and positive impacts on job and academic and performance. Studies show that it reduces stress and anxiety, enhances cognitive function, boosts creativity, alleviates depression, speeds healing, increases empathy, and much more. The impacts are so powerful that even just viewing images of nature or scenes through a window has measurable benefits.

Our Nature Connection can craft a unique and groundbreaking program to support your team’s goals and aspirations. Our services are especially relevant for organizations seeking to promote mindfulness, healing, wellness, learning, creativity, and/or spirituality.

We offer:

• A large body of research-based practices and curricula, including many designed for use in daily life, the workplace, and cities.
• Extensive knowledge of the physical and mental health benefits of nature connection and how to access those benefits.
• A wide spectrum of messages to convey the benefits of mindful nature connection and inspire positive action.
• Proven ability to craft programs appropriate for diverse audiences and settings.

Our Principal, Kai Siedenburg, has 30 years of professional experience consulting, designing and delivering educational programs and materials in partnership with diverse organizations. She has co-organized dozens of workshops and conferences and hundreds of meetings, and is known as a talented collaborator and facilitator. See About Kai or her LinkedIn profile for more information.

Contact Kai to discuss how Our Nature Connection can support your organization.