“I’m so grateful for the healing and grounding I experienced in our session. You are gifted with a presence and attunement that are very nourishing, and your methods of connecting with nature enlivened me at a core level. I felt safe and deeply seen, and supported by you and by the magnificence of nature. “ […]


“My calls with Kai are like putting on my own oxygen mask. I enjoy sharing my nature experiences, and feel safe to let myself go deep into the sadness of loss during this pandemic… After our calls, I feel more able to face my life’s challenges and renewed hope that I can create a more […]


“You have strong skills as a nature awareness coach. The awareness activities and your leadership helped me remember that the peace of nature is always available to me. You gave me support and direction, and now I feel more confident about my own direction.”—Christi, College Assistant


“One session with Kai completely transformed how I experience nature. I am now much more present and engaged, noticing things that I would normally have just walked right by. I feel a much deeper bond and dialog with my surroundings, and an even stronger pull to continue getting into nature for solace and inspiration. After […]