Test.-much more deeply

“It showed me how much more deeply I can connect with the beauty, sacredness, and perfection of nature.”

Test.-working mom

“Spending time in nature with Kai was a beautiful, grounding escape from my fast-paced life as a single working mom. I entered the woods feeling ragged and tired and left feeling energized, connected, and whole.” 

Test.-comf and natural

“You lead with a flow that feels incredibly comfortable and natural, and you create space that feels so safe.  I don’t feel this easily—thank you!!”

Test.-loved being supported

“I loved being led, supported, and nurtured by your warm, graceful, deep love of the earth and in leading others into this. It was a beautiful group of women, I felt so safe and relaxed and in synch with them.”

Test.-difference to mom

“Your sessions have made a really big difference to me as a mom. They have opened my heart, grounded me, and helped me connect with myself and a larger life force.”