Calling in Well

Please forgive me.

Thank you
for understanding.

Due to
far beyond
my control,
I will not
be coming
to work today.

Due to
an extended and
intimate encounter
with the wild splendor
of the Big Sur mountains,

I am still
under the influence
of redwoods
and wildflowers
and unable to perform
my regular duties.

After multiple
exhilarating plunges
into cold mountain streams,
my animal body
is much too
awake and alive

to tolerate
sitting still
on a chair
in front of a screen
inside a box
for any length of time.

And due to numerous
acts of God,
the Goddess,
and Nature,

I am too
acutely aware
of the profound beauty
and oneness
of all life
to pretend
that I am separate,

too aware of the
of my own life
to throw it away.

My work here
is done.

I am seeking
a new assignment
more suitable
for my current skills
and experience.

Thank you
for understanding.

Published in Space Between the Stones: Poetry and Practices for Connecting with Nature, Spirit, and Creativity


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