“I love your workshops so much. You really help me get to a place of awareness and connectedness that I often struggle to find.”

“I thought it was fantastic.  I had such a healing experience.  I really want that for more people.  It was beautifully facilitated.”

“A wonderful reminder of all the joy and beauty that still exists in this crazy world—and that I can access at will whenever I need it.”

“It was very healing and gave me space to connect to resources that are always there for me but that I often overlook.”

“I really LOVED your workshop. It was just what I needed. I felt so much better afterwards. You are offering something really, really important to the world!”

“It showed me how much more deeply I can connect with the beauty, sacredness, and perfection of nature.”

“Spending time in nature with Kai was a beautiful, grounding escape from my fast-paced life as a single working mom. I entered the woods feeling ragged and tired and left feeling energized, connected, and whole.” 

“You lead with a flow that feels incredibly comfortable and natural, and you create space that feels so safe.  I don’t feel this easily—thank you!!”

“I loved being led, supported, and nurtured by your warm, graceful, deep love of the earth and in leading others into this. It was a beautiful group of women, I felt so safe and relaxed and in synch with them.”

“Your sessions have made a really big difference to me as a mom. They have opened my heart, grounded me, and helped me connect with myself and a larger life force.”

“Kai is an expert nature connection leader who inspires and educates groups to connect to the natural world in a way that leaves each person feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. I highly recommend her. “—Karuna Chapman, meditation teacher

“I feel deeply blessed and grateful to have Kai’s trust, guidance, and encouragement as I find my steps forward into doing more nature-connected coaching and mindfulness work. Working with Kai is a tremendous gift to anyone feeling lost, unsure of themselves, or yearning for a deeper connection to the Earth and their own spirit.”—Lena, College Tutoring Center Director

“I’m so grateful for the healing and grounding I experienced in our session. You are gifted with a presence and attunement that are very nourishing, and your methods of connecting with nature enlivened me at a core level. I felt safe and deeply seen, and supported by you and by the magnificence of nature. “ Valerie, Marriage and Family Therapist

“My calls with Kai are like putting on my own oxygen mask. I enjoy sharing my nature experiences, and feel safe to let myself go deep into the sadness of loss during this pandemic… After our calls, I feel more able to face my life’s challenges and renewed hope that I can create a more consistent self-care practice.”—Therapist based in Berkeley, California

“Kai Siedenburg has been a vital collaborator and inspirational support for my Ecotherapy programs. She brings depth, integrity, and passion to all she engages in. Kai has a warm, clear, communication style, and a well-honed natural talent for program design and facilitation. She has brought a wealth of ideas, practices, and skills to our shared work on a five-day Ecotherapy training, online programs, and educational and marketing materials.” —Ariana Candell, LMFT, Ecotherapist, and Founder of the Earthbody Institute

“You have strong skills as a nature awareness coach. The awareness activities and your leadership helped me remember that the peace of nature is always available to me. You gave me support and direction, and now I feel more confident about my own direction.”—Christi, College Assistant

“In one phone consultation, Kai gave me invaluable information about how to skillfully guide a group into a deeper connection with nature. She clearly understood where I was coming from and what I needed, and her advice was both very practical and inspirational. Our call helped me approach my first nature-based series for adults with more insight and confidence, and the class was a great success!” —Beverly Ingram, Founder of Go Into Nature

“Kai Siedenburg is my go-to source for information about the health benefits of nature connection and how to access those benefits. I’ve used her practices to help myself and my clients reduce stress, manage pain, and enhance performance. Mindful nature connection has proven to be a simple, enjoyable, and powerful addition to my toolbox of wellness approaches.”—Curtis Cramblett, Licensed Physical Therapist, strength and conditioning coach, international educator