Many Thanks!Many Thanks!

Many thanks to my parents, without whom none of this would be possible…

To my mother, Nina Siedenburg, for showering me with abundant and unconditional love and support, and believing in me and in my vision even more than I did. For shining her light, standing for peace, and spreading the message that We Are One all over the globe.

To my father and stepmother, Jay and Pauline Siedenburg, for great kindness, patience, and encouragement through a big leap of faith that took us all out of our comfort zone. For being my guardian angels, guiding and supporting me in many ways, and literally helping keep a roof over my head.

To my brother, Jules Siedenburg, for offering a listening ear, brotherly advice, and relevant tidbits of information over many years and across many miles.

To all of our ancestors, especially Erika Tost, for their strength in the face of tremendous challenges on the frontlines of World War II, and for the gifts they passed on to us because they were strong enough to survive those challenges.

To the plants, animals, and elements of the natural world…

Many thanks for inspiring and supporting me in countless ways and reminding me that I am never alone.
For giving me strength and guidance when I need it most, and even when I don’t realize I need it.
For helping me remember who I am and what matters.
For inviting me into a long-term creative collaboration and generously sharing their gifts and teachings.
For many hours of peaceful, joyful, co-creation.

To all the people who accepted the invitation to deepen their connection with nature through my classes.

To all the friends and colleagues who have provided practical, emotional, and/or spiritual support for this journey, especially Cathy Pedevillano, Kieran Kennedy, Carroll LaFleur, Kathren Murrell Stevenson, Ariana Candell, Carolyn Brown, Collette Streight, Greg Thrush, Jeff Caplan, Mitchell Goldstein, Curtis Cramblett, Debora Seidman, Amanda Stiler, Paul Hoffman, Scott Young and Terra Collier-Young, along with others too numerous to mention.

To Robert DuBois for skillful web design and building, and for making the process much less scary and more enjoyable.

To the Dance Church community for a unique and luscious blend of joy, freedom, healing, authentic expression, and booty shaking.

To Heather Houston and the wonderful women of Yala Lati for the joy of lifting our voices in song and the powerful, loving support of our sisterhood.

To the staff and land of the Vajrapani Institute, for the precious gift of silent retreats and the abundant blessings and creative inspiration that flow from that fertile stillness.

To the people all over the planet who have loved and protected natural and wild places and taken a stand for the Earth in large or small ways.

To all those who are ‘being the change they wish to see in the world’ and helping write a new chapter in the crazy, mixed-up love story between humans and the Earth. Another world is indeed possible, and together we have the power to create it.

Thank YOU!

~ Kai Siedenburg ~



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