Our Nature ConnectionAbout Our Nature Connection

Our Nature Connection creates programs and resources that inspire people to connect with nature as a path to greater peace, joy, and healing in their lives and in the world. We are passionate about helping people understand the profound benefits of mindful nature connection and how to access those benefits wherever they are.

We empower and support people to connect with nature in simple ways in daily life, to cultivate a deeper connection when they are out in natural settings, and to tap into the healing power of nature for mind, body, and spirit.

We develop simple, potent practices for use in nature and in everyday life, and share them through individual and group programs and the written word. We also write about nature connection, Human-Earth relations, and other things that matter.

These resources are co-created with the natural world by Kai Siedenburg, the founder and Principal of Our Nature Connection.

We welcome inquiries about collaboration and offers of support.

We offer up this work with deep love and gratitude, and for the benefit of all beings. May we learn to live in peace and balance with ourselves, each other, and all life on our extraordinary planet.

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