Connect with nature… connect with peace

Discover your unique path to a deep and nourishing connection with nature

Our Nature Connection can help you find simple ways to connect with the Earth wherever you are, cultivate deeper bonds with wild places, and access nature-based healing. Our work is a gentle yet powerful integration of deep nature connection, mindfulness practice, and holistic healing—a unique approach we call NatureWise. We offer a wealth of practices appropriate for a wide range of settings, and share them through group programs, individual sessions, consulting services, and our books and articles.


Evocative poems and simple practices to deepen your connections with nature, Spirit, and creativity.


Programs to help you connect with the Earth in daily life and enjoy more profound benefits from time in nature.

Individual Sessions and Coaching

Feel less alone and more supported, and learn how to access healing and guidance from nature wherever you go.

Consulting Services

Enliven and enrich your work through simple yet potent nature-based practices—for individuals or groups, indoors or out, and even Zoom calls!


Welcome nature lovers! Welcome to all who feel called to connect with nature as a path to healing and wholeness—or to help others do that.

I’m Kai Siedenburg, the Founder of Our Nature Connection. After 30-plus years of dedicated practice in mindfulness and holistic healing, I know how challenging it can be to stay grounded in a world that is so out of balance.

I also know that stepping into my garden or looking at the trees outside my window for even just a minute makes me feel calmer. And when I immerse myself in nature and open to a deeper connection, I receive remarkable gifts—profound peace, new insight and inspiration, and a powerful sense of kinship and belonging.

It’s the most effortless and enjoyable way I know to heal—and it’s not just for me. When we approach nature with love and respect, when we listen deeply, we help re-weave a web of reciprocal relations among all beings. We help restore balance in our lives and in the world.

I’ve helped hundreds of people cultivate more direct and nourishing connections with nature… and I’d love to help you!

Contact Kai to learn more or to schedule a free 15-minute discovery session.

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