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What if…?

What if the leaves,
stirred to singing
by the breeze,
sing with even more joy
when they notice
you are listening?

What if the delicate blossom
quivers with delight
when you notice
her small
yet honorable
to the beauty
of this world?

And what if
that brief moment
is all she needs
to feel that her life
is worth living,
that all her efforts
are not in vain?

What if the trees
beside you
feel the depth
of your pain and longing,
and are quietly reaching toward you,
offering solace and support
with everything they have?

What if the whales
diving into the deep blue
can feel your love for them,
even across all that
open ocean?

What if the water,
weary from its long journey,
is replenished by
your gratitude?

What if the Earth herself
longs to feel the caress
of your naked feet
on her warm brown skin?

And what if the granite mountain,
no matter how remote
and immovable it may seem,
feels a quiet shiver of joy
when you are touched
by its majestic beauty?

What if…?


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