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Thoughts on Meeting a Mountain Lion

Like mountain lions,
I love to roam
the remote, scenic trails
of the Central Coast,
by other members
of my species.

Because we share
these habits,
it is likely
that we will meet
some day.

I look forward
to that moment
with anticipation,
and contemplate
what I will do
when the time comes…

Will my skin prickle
with the instinctive knowledge
that I am in the presence
of a mighty predator?

Will I raise my arms,
make myself look
as big as possible,
and yell at the lion,
as the California State Parks

Will I loudly chant
a mantra
for rebirth
to a “higher” life form,
as a local
Buddhist retreat center

Or will I
simply meet
the lion
in silent recognition

and with the love,
and gratitude
that such a magnificent being


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