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Mindful by Nature

Saturday, July 14
2:00-5:30 pm
Pogonip Creek Trail


  • Come explore a direct and scenic path to greater peace and presence in nature and everyday life.
  • Savor a delicious blend of quiet walking and nature-based mindfulness practices.
  • Learn easy and effective approaches for slowing down, calming the mind, and dissolving stress.
  • Discover how bringing a little more mindfulness into your hiking opens the door to deeper peace and joy—and how nature can be the kindest, wisest, and most beautiful teacher you could ever hope for.

There is still space for last-minute sign-ups.  See Facebook event for where to meet and other details (under About), and call or text Kai to let her know you are coming:  831-818-8680.

Comments from past Mindful by Nature session participants:

“This was a really deep and meaningful experience that made me feel happier, more self (and otherwise) aware, and relaxed.”

“It was a rich and rewarding experience—peaceful, inspiring, and illuminating.”

“It was very healing and gave me space to connect to resources that are always there for me but that I often overlook.”

“It was a very special morning. I feel some more at peace and ease that I can allow openness and more letting go.”

“Thanks for being such an amazing healing presence. I appreciate your energy and wisdom.”

Donation Amount

$25-40 donation requested
(partial scholarships available)

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